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Style inspiration: Rachel Bilson

28 May


I’m not usually one to look to celebrity culture for style inspiration. I much prefer “real people” like the many, many style bloggers I follow. But if I had to name one U.S. celebrity whose personal style I adore….I’d overwhelming say Rachel Bilson. Though I’m not a fan of her show Hart of Dixie on the CW, I was an uber O.C. fan back in the day. Remember that show guys? Oh man, takes me back to my college days so hard. Anyway, it was that show that put her on the grid for me and I’ve been a fan ever since. Aside from her on point red carpet choices, she always looks effortlessly chic even when shlepping around running errands or walking her dog (she’s def a paparazzi favorite). Whatever the time of day, she never misses. So, friends, as an ode to miss Bilson, here’s a round-up of (mostly affordable) pieces to help bite her style. So who’s your celebrity style muse? Are you girl-crushed out on Rachel like me? Hope everyone is having a fabulous (short) week so far!


Louche maxi dress
$105 – joythestore.com

Miss selfridge



Tech accessory

Wayfarer sunglasses
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