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bird lady

5 Jun

IMG_9088 IMG_9091 IMG_9098


hat: F21
necklace: Erica Weiner
shorts: F21
oxfords: Necessary Clothing
bag: F21

Confession: I, Tara, am an admitted bird addict. It’s true. I can’t argue it. At the very sight of any and all things bird, I am uncontrollably sucked in like some kind of weird magnetic force. My friends and family tease me constantly saying when I’m old I’m going to be a crazy bird lady. But what can I say? I love bird things. And I know I’m not alone. Have you ever seen the hilarious skit on that show Portlandia, Put a Bird on it? If you haven’t, stop right now, and go watch it and have a laugh. They totally poke fun at the bird-craze phenomenon. Laugh with me, not at me though, ok? Manufacturers and producers of consumer goods at large have definitely¬†capitalized¬†on the fact that hoards of people will buy anything with a bird on it (me included). So when I saw these high-waisted Summer shorts, you know I had to snatch them up! I just can’t get enough!

Anyway, hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday! Happy hump day!


High life

20 May

IMG_8926 IMG_8940 IMG_8942 IMG_8946

hat: Kardashian Kollection
blouse: vintage
necklace: ASOS
high-waisted shorts: F21 outlet
wedges: Steve Madden
bag: ebay

I can’t say that I’m obsessed with the Kardashians like many are, but I’d be lying if I have never been entertained by their shenanigans from time to time. And while they’re taste in clothing isn’t really up my alley, I’m a sucker for stylish clothes at affordable prices and their line at Sears is both on trend and inexpensive, so for that, I’m somewhat a fan. For a gal that digs vintage fashion over clubwear, there are certainly pieces in the collection Kollection that I would never in a million years wear, but amongst all the leopard print and skin tight mini skirts, there are some classic pieces worth picking up…like this floppy hat! Which I scored for merely $6.99 on clearance. Hello bargain! Paired with these high-waisted shorts with the adorable bow details that I’ve waiting for just the perfect warm day to show you, I feel like I’m having a very 70s moment…which is always fine in my book!

Happy Monday everyone! xo

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