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In fine feather / Love, Fire

22 May

IMG_8952 IMG_8964 IMG_8967 IMG_8969

hat: H&M (old)
denim jacket: YesStyle (similar)
feather-print dress: Love, Fire (similar)
bag: ebay
sandals: Urban Outfitters

Well, it’s official people. All that not quite warm enough to be seasonally appropriate talk that I’ve been spewing lately is in the past. Here in the northeast, we experience all 4 seasons, but not all in their entirety all the time. It seems we’ve moved swiftly into Summer heat without so much as a couple solid weeks of Spring weather. We hit 82 degrees this week, and right along with it, the humidity. So all I grab for is easy breezy outfits like this high-low dress with the most amazing feather print I ever did see and a denim jacket (my fave all-season staple) layered over top (while it’s still cool in the mornings). I’m so glad that the high-low hemline is on trend again this year. It add a unique dimension to Summer dresses and when you’re a short gal like me, full length maxi’s don’t always work so well. And if you’re not familiar with this totally amazing brand…get in the know! I’m always loving their collections each season. Very easy-wear, bohemian, free-spirited pieces at affordable prices! You know that’s my jam! Check out a few of the things I’ve been swooning over:

Peter Pan Dotted Dress $42.00
Peter Pan Collar Top $30.00
Printed Challis Shorts $25.00
Cap Sleeve Boat Neck Dress $54.00

Hope everyone is having a lovely (sticky if you live near me!) week so far!


Confessions from the fitting room

13 May

IMG_8821 IMG_8834 IMG_8839 IMG_8840


hat: h&m
denim jacket: Paris Blues via TJMaxx
dress: three ena via TJMaxx
oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell
bag: ebay

Funny story….so everyone knows I just can’t turn away from an all-over heart print (especially when it involves different shades of happy colors!). So I stumbled across this dress at an outing to one of my fave stores to snatch bargains, TJMaxx, and had to make it mine! I’m usually not one to try stuff on, I know my size pretty well, and I’m more of the mind to buy it and then return it next time I’m out if it doesn’t fit. But TJMaxx is one store I try before I buy because some weird sizing issues often spring up when shopping discount clothing. So I’m in the fitting room trying this beauty on when terror strikes. I AM STUCK IN THE DRESS. The zipper is suck beyond belief and try as I may, I cannot get it unstuck to save my life. I can’t pull the dress past my shoulders nor my waist without literally tearing it off of me and with every tug I am causing the zipper to eat into the fabric more and more. In a flurry of both horror and panic, I look at myself in the mirror and weigh the options facing me: 1) Swallow my pride and leave the fitting room to ask a stranger to help me get out of this thing! or 2) Summon all my strength and tear the fabric from my body with no regard to what damage may ensue. When a moment of brilliance hit. I could pull my arms inside ¬†and wiggle my way around (as if inside a straight jacket) so that the zipper was in front (much better leverage and visibility) and work the kink out of the zipper to free myself from this nightmare. So that’s what I did. Thank God it worked! And me and my lovely dress (in the next size!) lived happily ever after.

Tell me! What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you inside a fitting room?


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