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Happy Things (Friday edition).

24 May

Some things are just too cute / whimsical / beautiful / awesome/ brilliant / inspiring  not to share….

1. Beer poster (Design & Illustration by Doublenaut). Dad’s day is coming up ya’ll and this makes me think of my dad. But even more so my husband (who’s not a daddy yet). Both enjoy a good beer and if they enjoyed awesome illustration as much as I did, I would buy this for them in a heartbeat. Rad.

2. Be Happy Tattoo. If I ever convinced myself to tattoo my body, I think I could be quite content with this one. But as it is, I am so very chameleon-like when it comes to self-decoration that there’s nothing I can be certain I will love forever. Tattoos are so very permanent. So I will just appreciate this one on someone else’s body.

3. The Clip Nest. A brilliantly clever and adorable idea all rolled into one magnetic egg. I’m in love.

4. Milk & Donut shooters. Someone….please have a party, have these at your party, and invite me. Thanks. Love, Tara.

5. Life is short, eat candy. Pretty much the motto I live by. I want this printed on everything!

HAPPY Friday everyone! Choose happiness today. XO


Happy things.

10 May

Some things are just too cute / whimsical / beautiful / awesome/ brilliant / inspiring  not to share….

1. Watch Post-it. Umm…how many times have I written a note to myself on my hand because leaving a sticky note somewhere just will not due. I know I will forget unless it is literally stuck to my body. This is simply genius. Crazy looking, yes, but still genius.

2. Thing by Alyssa Nassner. A valuable message indeed. Illustrated beautifully.

3. Teapee Amerindian herbal teas. I mean, c’mon. Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life than teabags disguised as mini teepee’s? Simply adorable.

4. Camp Daybed by Stephanie Horning. How much do I want to sleep in this sleepingbagbedthing in my backyard? SO much.

5. Horse. This is, like, too beautiful to be real. Look what God has made.

Hope everyone has a fantastic last day of the work week! Weekend, here we come! xo

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