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pretty city

19 May

IMG_8909 IMG_8915 IMG_8916 IMG_8921

blouse: F21 outlet
skirt: uniqlo
bag: H&M
oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell

The scenery that provides a backdrop as you take a photograph can be  transformative, it instantly takes you places. So when I ended up in one of my very favorite places, the lovely Williamsburg Waterfront Park in Brooklyn the other day, I had to seize the opportunity to snap some photos there with the pretty city skyline at my back. Even in it’s blurry landscape (thank you nifty fifty lens!), it’s  dreamy-looking. After you’ve lived in/near NYC for awhile, people always ask “does seeing the skyline ever get old?” Well, the clear answer is yes. When you see it every single day and it is no longer new and different, you do kind of “get used to it” and the novelty wears off. But it’s funny, because while honeymooning in the Greek islands last summer, my husband and I were horseback riding along the coast of Paros and were absolutely blown away by the scenic beauty of the Aegean sea and the rocky volcanic cliffs tumbling into it’s waters and the iconic sunsets that took our breath away. When chatting with the natives (who spoke English of course!), we made the same remarks we hear in NY all the time, “this scenery is so picturesque and breathtaking, it must never get old!” But ironically, they replied…we’re used to it. And then went on to explain that they wish they could see all the exciting sights that New York City has to offer and expressed how they can’t imagine waking up and seeing that great skyline everyday. Life is funny like that. Though, while it is absolutely a certainty that one grows so familiar with their surroundings that they become ordinary, no matter how extraordinary they are,  at moments like this one as I stood beside Manhattan’s towering landscape I am reminded: It is always magnificent. It is always breathtaking. It is always beautiful.

The city’s iconic skyline and beautiful bridges have made their way onto many a print product as we all well know. Here’s a look at a few my fave paper pretties perfect for those who dwell here and those who wish they did:

Courtney + Paul’s Brooklyn wedding invitations:

Nina + Ross’s wedding invitations by The Indigo Bunting:

Love in the City wedding invitations by Dea + Bean (shameless plug for yours truly!):

NYC Lover’s assorted blank note cards by Noteify via Etsy:

NYC Map Typography Print by Flying Junction via Etsy:

It’s a very dreary, rainy Sunday here but I hope everyone is enjoying the last few hours of the weekend wherever you are!


Yellowy Gold

6 May

IMG_8749 IMG_8762 IMG_8766 IMG_8770

head wrap: Urban Outfitters
blouse: Uniqlo
jumper dress: Tulle
flats: Qupid
messenger bag: H&M

I don’t know what it is but some outfits just bring out the inner child in me and this one is no exception. I couldn’t help but feel school age again in it. Perhaps the color is just very reminiscent of a school bus? Or maybe it’s because the whole ensemble is not too dissimilar from a uniform? Or maybe it’s the bow in my hair? Whatever it is…I’m fine with it. Sometimes it’s ok to feel young again, right?

Speaking of golden yellow’s one of my very favorite colors to work with in design and I often have to force myself to reach for another color as to not overuse it. So in honor of this youthful, happy color, here are a few fab inspirational paper pretties:

Cynthia’s Elaborate Gold 75th Birthday Invitations | Design and Photo Credits: Anna Salazar

Olivia’s Country Carnival-Inspired Birthday Party Invitations by The Happy Envelope

Cocker Spaniel Dog Silhouette by Artualized via Etsy (maybe I’m biased, I have a Cocker Spaniel!)

Watercolor Fashion Illustration by Jessica Durrant via Etsy

Happy Monday! Hope you’re all having a great start to the week!

Wide open spaces / Annette & Florian’s Illustrated Floral Wedding Invitations

4 May

IMG_8729 IMG_8733 IMG_8741 IMG_8746

dress & necklace: UO
bag: H&M
t-strap wedges: Creature Comforts

Am I bit obsessed with florals? Quite possibly. But I can’t help myself. I just never tire of them this time of year. This dress is an oldie but goodie and one of my go-to closet essentials…but it’s nearly sheer silky fabric is very light and breezy, so I have to ask Mr. Sun first before I can bring it out to play. As luck would have it, the most perfect day struck, and out it came! My most favorite part is certainly the open back. It’s the perfect little surprise peep show, not too low and open so that you cannot wear a proper bra (I hate that conundrum with a passion!) but shows just the right amount of skin! Adorable.

This seems like too perfect of a pairing if you ask me, so I couldn’t help but share these beautiful, illustrated, floral wedding invitations (which also has a cute little cutout!) from German designer and illustrator Laura Rosendorfer which I found via I love the sweet, delicate details! Like the little boat almost hidden among the peonies (the couple were marrying on a lake) and of course the die-cut heart (which gives you a peek at the rsvp card and other inserts that are enclosed underneath. Plus, the color palette of fuschia, pink, and lime with dashes of brown is to die for.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! xo

Very Pinteresting: Fantastic Mr. Fox

2 May

foxy copy

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Ok, presenting a new curated roundup of my favorite bits and bobs from around the web (all connected by one common theme)! This week it’s these adorable foxy fellows. Why? Because they’re everywhere! And people loooove them. Including yours truly. I went a little bananas to be honest, it was mega hard to narrow down it down to just these 12 (which is probably too many anyway) but I just couldn’t help myself. What can I say? My pinning finger has a mind of it’s own. By the way…if you love it, go ahead and pin it why dontchya?!

Cherry Blossom Girl / Paper Blooms

1 May

IMG_8692 IMG_8695 IMG_8700 IMG_8709


floral crown: DIY
bolero: vintage via Brooklyn Flea
tank: American Apparel
skirt: vintage
boots & bag: ebay

I think I’ve mentioned 93849023480 times how much I love Spring and the lovely blooms adorning the tree branches around this time of year on this blog…but I can’t say it enough! I wish they could stay around all through the year. You just can’t see them and not feel instantly happy and amazed by their beauty (whether your allergies make you suffer or not!) Maybe it’s because they’re so romantic and girly. Anyway, I’m sort of channeling their vibe with this look…call it inspired if you will. Putting romantic and girly pieces together like this cute-as-can-be silky bolero (that I rescued out of a dollar bin at the Brooklyn Flea) and this flowy skater skirt just felt right. I just had to top it off with more flowers on my head…I couldn’t help myself.

And ya know what else comes to mind when pondering the beauty of blooms? These guys.

No one (No one I tell you!) is better in the business at illustrating blooms and blossoms and bushels and other B-words than Rifle Paper Co. This husband wife team features hand-painted illustrations and lettering that is both nostalgic and timeless. I’m most familiar with their paper goods like cards, stationery, and calendars, but their products extend to coasters, recipe boxes, even iPhone cases! I do not believe there is another paper goods brand in all the land that I’m more crushed out on. I’ll take one of everything please!

What we make, makes us.

28 Apr

IMG_8651 IMG_8656 IMG_8659 IMG_8661

sweater: thrifted
blouse: H&M
floral shorts: F21
oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell
necklace: vintage

bag: ebayIt’s been extraordinarily beautiful in NYC and that makes me want to bring out pretty florals in the worst way. One of my absolute favorite things about this time of year is seeing all the amazing flowering trees show their blooms. It’s just so very…well, Spring! I topped of this feminine/floral look with one of my most favorite thrift-store finds of all time! I’ve just been dying to share it with you all. This vintage sewing machine necklace (ignore my chippy nail polish in the photo! someone needs a manicure.) My grandma taught me to sew many, many years ago and not only have we shared many fond memories together (FACT: we made my senior prom dress), but i’m so very proud to have the sewing knowledge she shared with me. Not only is it a lifesaver to be able to hem your own jeans…I mean, that’s all we little people (I stand merely 5′ 2″) know. BUT for vintage lovers like me, having to take in & alter those one-of-a-kind vintage gems to fit you, is inevitable. So being able to do it yourself without having to spend gads on a tailor is everything. My trusty blue Kenmore sewing machine is a workhorse, but a far cry from beautiful, antique Singers of yesteryear. They were built with such craftsmanship and I found their design just so visually beautiful. That iconic shape is undeniable. Anyway, back to the necklace….a number of years ago, my mom bought me an antique sewing machine Christmas tree ornament for which I hang proudly on my tree every year. For all the reasons and memories for which I’ve just mentioned, it holds a lot of meaning to me. So when I happened to stumble upon this necklace (which resembles it greatly) while thrifting, I couldn’t leave the store without making it mine! I think it was God or fate or something…because it (obviously) was just meant for me.

Since we got sewing on the brain now, feast your eyes on some of my most favorite paper prints which share this theme…

Illustration by Clare Owen. I have this hanging on my wall in my house and it makes me oh so very happy.

This digital print is by yours truly. It’s for sale over at my Etsy shop among some of my other paper creations.

Giclee print by ParadaCreations via Etsy. I love this one for the speech bubble as if it’s saying “love me and I’ll love you back.”

Pen and ink drawing by designbirdie via Etsy. The message with this one is so great. Pretty much the motto I live by.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few hours of the weekend! Now go create something!

Things that make me happy.

25 Apr

Here’s a little glimpse at what’s been making my heart go pitter-patter from around the web.

1. Kelli Murray illustration. This breathtaking illustration by Kelli Murray captures everything I’m about right now. It’s almost creepy. Floral crown, cute bangs, peter pan collar. It’s like the essence of my very existence in art form. I’m so totally smitten.

2. Frank Halmans Houses Built of Books. What if you could live inside a book? Well , you’d need to be miniature (darn!) But that’s ok because I love miniature things. The very thought of carving out a little dwelling inside a bundle of old books…why didn’t I think of that?

3. Judith Geher’s oil ladies. I’ve always been a fan of oil painting, it’s just so very textural. And I’ve always loved portraits of girls. I am literally speechless. I’m just so in love with this woman’s work.

4. Emma Block’s Portraits of Style Icons. These are from an eight A5 print Style Icon series which gives us a few pointers from starlets of the past (whom we all know and love!). Too cute. Can’t get enough!

5. Nan Lawson illustration. I could have pulled 939,234,820 of her illustrations to show and love each one no less. I can’t express how TOTALLYCOMPLETELYOBSESSED I am with this gir’s style. I just want to wallpaper all the walls of my house with her work I’m so in love.

Do these pretties make you as happy as they make me? Which is your favorite?

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