Summer school

15 Jul

IMG_9466 IMG_9471 IMG_9487


head scarf, sandals & skirt: UO / blouse: Rainbow / bag: H&M

There’s just something about empty classrooms that I find just so interesting. Without the buzz of laughing school children and the swarm of activity that makes these rooms come alive during school hours, they just seem so desolate and abandoned in the Summer. I’m the daughter of two teachers, so I have a different relationship with the classroom than most, and what happens inside is no foreign thing to me, so maybe it’s the fact that everything I know is missing when I see one sit empty? Anyway, I was poking around peeking into the open windows of an elementary school nearby and decided to snap some photos there. It was overcast out (which normally makes for lovely lighting) but it was working against me the colors came out kind of blah. But this turned out to be one of my favorite easy breezy Summer outfits in a while. Just effortless and cool. That’s my go-to these days. And while you’ve seen me wear many a head wrap (I’m sort of a certified addict), I saw Toshiko rock one tied up around a high bun and since I’ve never tried it that way, and I’m a gal who loves to mix things up, I gave it a whirl. I’m a fan.

Hope everyone’s week is starting out great!


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