12 Jun

IMG_9185 IMG_9189 IMG_9195 IMG_9197

straw bowler hat: Forever 21 / blouse: H&M / skorts: Uniqlo / booties: Bakers (old) / bag: ebay

Who knew that an old trend like skorts would make it’s way back into style? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…everything comes back around if ya wait long enough. Hey, American Apparel even sells scrunchies! (What is that all about anyway? Are people actually wearing scrunchies?) But whatever the case may be, I couldn’t be happier! Because like their close relative the romper…they make for an easy, effortlessly chic look without fear of flashing your panties at the slightest of breezes. So when I happened to see that Uniqlo was carrying a bunch of them in cute, feminine prints, I had to scoop one up.

Are you a fan of the skirt/short hybrid?


One Response to “Skorts!”

  1. Nancy Marks June 13, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    So cute! And I love that blouse!

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