Rainbow bliss

9 Jun

IMG_9121 IMG_9131 IMG_9139

head scarf: vintage / sunnies: Rainbow/ top: Rainbow / skirt: Urban Outfitters / bag: ebay / oxfords: Restricted

I have to say that one of my favorite shopping moments is when you walk into a store, and something so great catches your eye, that you never expected to find (in that particular store) and even though you went in for a very different reason you just can’t leave whatever it is you found behind. Confessions of a shopaholic…these are the things that excite me people! This chiffon blouse was one of those finds and I just couldn’t turn away. That cute crochet collar? I mean, c’mon this was Rainbow I was in. Great place for dirt cheap sunglasses (I’m talking $4.99-6.99) and cotton tanks but not at all where I would expect to find truly unique vintage-inspired pieces. I had to blink twice to be sure I could believe my eyes. Wanna know what’s even better? Clearance…$10. That right there, friends, is what you call shopping bliss. And you’re in luck, because you can still snatch it up online right here. You better move fast before I buy one in every color.

Anyway, hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

EDIT: I just hit publish and then realized that eerily a rainbow appeared in these photos! It’s a rather ironic coincidence and a natural effect from the morning light playing inside my camera lens. It’s not a Photoshop effect and I did not even plan it. Weird! But cool!


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