Wishy-washy weather / American Idol

17 May


headwrap & blazer: UO
blouse: vintage
denim: NY&co
bag: ebay

Remember a month or so ago, I said I just wasn’t ready to let go of my tights? Bah! Now we’re in the middle of May and I’m completely bitter about the fact that I desperately want to not have to wear tights, but still need to, by account of this silly, indecisive, non-Spring we’re having! Knowing that an outfit like this would surely look better without the tights is something I’ll have to swallow. We’ve had a couple of dazzling days for sure, but I am truly ready to show some skin sans legwear on more than one occasion as one should when it’s nearly June. But I guess I should bite my tongue because it’s becoming more and more obvious everyday that we are going to move swiftly into the blazing hot heat of Summer before we know it and then I’ll be complaining about frizzy hair and sticking to my clothes and sweating before I even step out of the shower. I guess I’ll take what little Spring weather I can get, even if it involves a few extra layers.

IMG_8897 IMG_8904


In other news, my loyalty to American Idol must be admitted. Yes, people, I do watch TV and what my husband likes to call “brainwash television,” I find inexplicably gripping. Among the others I regularly tune into are New Girl (I mean, hello, total Zooey girl crush), Mad Men (hello awesome vintage fashion!), I even found myself remarkably addicted to Spartacus (a gal can look at those hard bodies, right?). I’ve also been known to (guiltfully) DVR Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Carrie Diaries on occasion. As I sat watching last night’s 12th season Idol finale, I couldn’t help but think that it’s not the awkward judge banter or the often ridiculous plot-lines that entertain me so much, but I am as equally, if not more so, watching what they’re wearing. I mean, anyone who’s ever tuned into Sex and the City knows it can be equated to fashion porn for the right set of eyes. So judge me if you will but here’s my round-up of some Idol fashion throughout the season that got my attention:

Jessie J’s Kenzo Floral Print Jumpsuit: She wore it much more risque in the finale than the runway look with the front all open like that, but I’m a fan of any and all playsuit.

Lazero by far had the most fashion wow moments. I mean, he always looked so dapper in his bright colored vintage suits. I feel like they had the most fun with his style on the show.

Kree’s white blazer (on right)….gimme!

Guys in vintage velvet suits and crazy bow-ties? Fashion-candy.

Amber (2nd from right) rocked this snug, long-sleeved dress and I was enamored with the details. The black pattern you see there is actually the black lining showing through intricate cutouts in the white fabric. Stunning!

Umm, have I mentioned I’m a sucker for playsuits? This denim one Amber wore belted was next level:

Speaking of playsuits, this white in front/black in back one stole my heart. Fave look of the season I think. So chic.

Did I leave out and standouts? Let me know your favorite Idol look! Happy Friday everyone!


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