16 May

IMG_8864IMG_8884 IMG_8880 IMG_8879

floral headwrap: Urban Outfitters
top: Monteau
skirt: Urban Outfitters
socks: Betsey Johnson
boots: ebay
bag: H&M

I’ve mentioned before that I love little miniature things so it’s no surprise that the teeniest tiniest oxford satchel to exist on the planet got my attention! My satchel obsession is a little bit bonkers at this point anyways, so I had to add this little guy to the mix. As cute as it is, I have to say, it’s the least practical bag ever since you can fit exactly one item in it (I’m exaggerating a bit but not much!). I literally had to decide what not to carry…keys, wallet, cellphone, makeup? And if you’re anything like me and stuff as many coins and various random bits in your wallet (like mementos brought back from business trips my husband went on! I can’t let them go!) and it’s fat and chubby, forget about it! You must whittle it down to only the essentials! But all kidding aside, it being white makes it totally summer appropriate on a hot day when you don’t feel like carrying a lot of extra bulk around with you, it’s perfect. Hello summer music festivals!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! xo


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