Things that make me happy.

25 Apr

Here’s a little glimpse at what’s been making my heart go pitter-patter from around the web.

1. Kelli Murray illustration. This breathtaking illustration by Kelli Murray captures everything I’m about right now. It’s almost creepy. Floral crown, cute bangs, peter pan collar. It’s like the essence of my very existence in art form. I’m so totally smitten.

2. Frank Halmans Houses Built of Books. What if you could live inside a book? Well , you’d need to be miniature (darn!) But that’s ok because I love miniature things. The very thought of carving out a little dwelling inside a bundle of old books…why didn’t I think of that?

3. Judith Geher’s oil ladies. I’ve always been a fan of oil painting, it’s just so very textural. And I’ve always loved portraits of girls. I am literally speechless. I’m just so in love with this woman’s work.

4. Emma Block’s Portraits of Style Icons. These are from an eight A5 print Style Icon series which gives us a few pointers from starlets of the past (whom we all know and love!). Too cute. Can’t get enough!

5. Nan Lawson illustration. I could have pulled 939,234,820 of her illustrations to show and love each one no less. I can’t express how TOTALLYCOMPLETELYOBSESSED I am with this gir’s style. I just want to wallpaper all the walls of my house with her work I’m so in love.

Do these pretties make you as happy as they make me? Which is your favorite?


One Response to “Things that make me happy.”

  1. Brenda f April 29, 2013 at 11:47 pm #

    I pick #3! Soo pretty!

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