Creatures of all kinds.

15 Apr

IMG_8451 IMG_8457IMG_8446 IMG_8439

After a string of perfectly delightful Spring weather, it rained. So I opted for an inside shoot so I can share with you all this beloved Dear Creatures Madeline dress (which is heavier in weight and much more suited for Fall but I’m getting it in before it’s way to warm to wear it). Be still my heart. This dress brings me such delight I have to slow my breath just looking at it so as to not grow light-headed with giddiness  It’s actually from a number of seasons ago and my Google search to find another one like it returned only this. So if you’re a size large and you don’t mind Navy…you’ve struck luck because it’s also on sale! Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with the superamazingadorableness that is this brand, you should most certainly become familiar now. Perhaps you remember the wonderful miss Zooey Deschanel featuring these wares here…

and  here…

on her Cotton commercial a while back? Well those, my friends, are also Dear Creatures dresses. And I think we can all agree that if Zooey Deschanel deems something worthy, it’s pretty much like style gold, can we not? I’d be happy with any one of the lovely items in the Spring collection. But for now, I will just continue to savor this one! Also, speaking of creatures…look who decided to make a cameo? My cocker spaniel Penny!

And why not continue on the creature theme? These amazing baby shower invitations from Moglea are most fitting, no? Adorned with letterpress creatures of all kinds in a sweet and delicate fashion. I say yes please! I mean, who doen’t swoon at the sight of adorable squirrels and ducks and cats and turtles and bunnies? Plus, I’m such a sucker for yellow and grey together…it’s a color match made in heaven.


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