Skin / Paper Popsicles

11 Apr

IMG_8407 IMG_8428 IMG_8435


floral crown: DIY
blouse: F21
sweater: thrifted
skirt: vintage
bag: H&M
boots: Rampage

Guys! Do you see what I see? Skin. Yes I said it…B.A.R.E. legs. Ok, 3 inches of my legs are bare. But that is something my friends! Yesterday was amazingly, pinch yourself is this real..beautiful. I think we tapped out at 79 degrees or something at the warmest and it was just delightful. And those 3 inches of leg skin was not even the slightest bit cold. Speaking of pinching one’s self…when perusing around H&M on my lunch break (oopsydoops), I spotted this adorable little brown messenger bag and couldn’t believe my eyes since I’ve engaged in an obsessive quest in search of the perfect cambridge messenger satchel like nobody’s business. But lady luck was on my side and I couldn’t leave without making it mine. Score!

There’s no time like the present for the first installment of a little paper goodness to go along with today’s outfit inspiration. I am, by all means, a designer and stationer by trade. And the idea behind this here blog was to introduce you, my lovely readers, to all the many things I fancy and for which it got the name that it did. So consider it a side dish, friends. And since I’m all summer-on-the-brainy…I couldn’t resist starting things off with these adorable popsicle party invitations from Martha Stewart. Besides all the summer parties and backyard bbq’s these sweet invitations conjure up, the playful shape and use of wood sticks is swoon-worthy. If you’re loving these as much as me, head on over to Martha’s site to get the how-to!



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