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Obsessing over…

30 Apr
Be Mine!
Have a peek at what’s topping my list of swoon-worthy must haves this week! I’m especially obsessed with that denim overall pinafore! These guys are definitely trending hard right now and I’ve already reserved my seat on ye ole bandwagon. Which one is your favorite?
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Flower Child

29 Apr

IMG_8667 IMG_8670 IMG_8678 IMG_8680 IMG_8684


denim jacket: F21
dress: Modcloth
boots: Steve Madden (old)
bag: F21

These were taken on (obviously) the brightest and sunniest day we’ve had. So bright that the lace of my dress got totally blown out. Ooopsydoops. Anyway, seeing these makes me conjure up all types of thoughts about the 70’s…a decade I wish I could have witnessed for myself. Frolicking around under the sun, a free spirit. This denim jacket is perfect for such activities and it’s certainly becoming my go-to staple for Spring layering and will continue right into Summer for cool nights. A jean jacket is such a versatile piece and pretty much goes with anything! But the added detail with the panels of floral tapestry fabric? Couldn’t love it anymore. Umm, should I address my infatuation with Forever 21? It’s a weakness, people. But who can blame a girl for devouring really cheap, chic, fabulous clothing? Those who have never bought a single item there, and walked away that happy yellow bag, feeling great about how little money you just spent can cast the first stone. If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.



What we make, makes us.

28 Apr

IMG_8651 IMG_8656 IMG_8659 IMG_8661

sweater: thrifted
blouse: H&M
floral shorts: F21
oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell
necklace: vintage

bag: ebayIt’s been extraordinarily beautiful in NYC and that makes me want to bring out pretty florals in the worst way. One of my absolute favorite things about this time of year is seeing all the amazing flowering trees show their blooms. It’s just so very…well, Spring! I topped of this feminine/floral look with one of my most favorite thrift-store finds of all time! I’ve just been dying to share it with you all. This vintage sewing machine necklace (ignore my chippy nail polish in the photo! someone needs a manicure.) My grandma taught me to sew many, many years ago and not only have we shared many fond memories together (FACT: we made my senior prom dress), but i’m so very proud to have the sewing knowledge she shared with me. Not only is it a lifesaver to be able to hem your own jeans…I mean, that’s all we little people (I stand merely 5′ 2″) know. BUT for vintage lovers like me, having to take in & alter those one-of-a-kind vintage gems to fit you, is inevitable. So being able to do it yourself without having to spend gads on a tailor is everything. My trusty blue Kenmore sewing machine is a workhorse, but a far cry from beautiful, antique Singers of yesteryear. They were built with such craftsmanship and I found their design just so visually beautiful. That iconic shape is undeniable. Anyway, back to the necklace….a number of years ago, my mom bought me an antique sewing machine Christmas tree ornament for which I hang proudly on my tree every year. For all the reasons and memories for which I’ve just mentioned, it holds a lot of meaning to me. So when I happened to stumble upon this necklace (which resembles it greatly) while thrifting, I couldn’t leave the store without making it mine! I think it was God or fate or something…because it (obviously) was just meant for me.

Since we got sewing on the brain now, feast your eyes on some of my most favorite paper prints which share this theme…

Illustration by Clare Owen. I have this hanging on my wall in my house and it makes me oh so very happy.

This digital print is by yours truly. It’s for sale over at my Etsy shop among some of my other paper creations.

Giclee print by ParadaCreations via Etsy. I love this one for the speech bubble as if it’s saying “love me and I’ll love you back.”

Pen and ink drawing by designbirdie via Etsy. The message with this one is so great. Pretty much the motto I live by.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few hours of the weekend! Now go create something!

Things that make me happy.

25 Apr

Here’s a little glimpse at what’s been making my heart go pitter-patter from around the web.

1. Kelli Murray illustration. This breathtaking illustration by Kelli Murray captures everything I’m about right now. It’s almost creepy. Floral crown, cute bangs, peter pan collar. It’s like the essence of my very existence in art form. I’m so totally smitten.

2. Frank Halmans Houses Built of Books. What if you could live inside a book? Well , you’d need to be miniature (darn!) But that’s ok because I love miniature things. The very thought of carving out a little dwelling inside a bundle of old books…why didn’t I think of that?

3. Judith Geher’s oil ladies. I’ve always been a fan of oil painting, it’s just so very textural. And I’ve always loved portraits of girls. I am literally speechless. I’m just so in love with this woman’s work.

4. Emma Block’s Portraits of Style Icons. These are from an eight A5 print Style Icon series which gives us a few pointers from starlets of the past (whom we all know and love!). Too cute. Can’t get enough!

5. Nan Lawson illustration. I could have pulled 939,234,820 of her illustrations to show and love each one no less. I can’t express how TOTALLYCOMPLETELYOBSESSED I am with this gir’s style. I just want to wallpaper all the walls of my house with her work I’m so in love.

Do these pretties make you as happy as they make me? Which is your favorite?

Dots! / Confetti

24 Apr

IMG_8619 IMG_8627 IMG_8636 IMG_8640

head scarf: vintage
denim shirt: h&m (old)
sweater: cos (thrifted)
pants: BDG
flats: Fergie
bag: ebay

Yesterday was another pretty chilly day in NYC, still very much sweater weather. So I took the opportunity to don this dotted sweater! I’ve always been a fan of a good dot. And this sweater is pretty neutral so it’s versatile. I paired it with some pops of color with the bag, shoes and lip to give it some life. I’ve actually had that vintage headscarf for years now but recently just found it. Don’t you love when that happens? It’s like it’s new again.

Speaking of dots…lots and lots of dots…I just love these brilliant confetti wedding programs and invitations.

Credit: Martha Stewart / The Creative Parasol via

What a perfect way to make sure all your guests are strapped with confetti to throw at just the right moment when celebrating a special event? We did something similar at my own wedding and I can’t express enough how fun and hilarious it was, I was so happy we did. Not only did it make for amazing pictures, but walking through an entourage of paper confetti with my new husband, hand in hand, was so special. If you’re planning an event in the near future, why not take a note from these fine examples? Your guests will love it.

Here’s me and JC getting bombarded post nuptials…


Obsessed: Rompers

23 Apr
Romper Room
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Confession…my obsession with rompers is off the charts. What was once reserved for the much younger toddler set has come to be one of my go-to Summer staples well into my adulthood and I couldn’t be happier that this trend is sticking around this year, if not making a bigger impact than years past. They are everywhere! Yay for that! I mean, they pretty much embody all that I love about Summer dresses without the fear of getting Marilyn Monroe’d on a breezy day and they’re totally practical for bike riding..for which I do lots of. I could have picked so many more, but here’s just a few of my faves. Totally smitten. What’s your favorite?

Gone with the wind.

22 Apr

IMG_8570 IMG_8573 IMG_8574 IMG_8583 IMG_8586


trench: Kensi
dress: Urban Outfitters
bag & boots: ebay

Today was actually a rather good hair day for me…but you’d never be able to tell from these pictures because I was completely windblown! Even though it was sunny and pretty out, it was rather chilly. But despite my hair reaping the ill effects of this windy day, I was actually happy to have a cooler day (am I really saying that?) BECAUSE it allowed me to bring this totally adorable trench out to play. I’m a little obsessed with it actually. I was on the hunt for a rain coat sufficient enough to handle Spring rain showers…hood included. BUT, I swooned so hard over this beauty that I put my silly little hood requirement aside in favor of total trench coat adorableness. The silhouette is so great and the button and bow details and white piping are just everything! Plus, the length is perfect for wearing with dresses. Bonus! I’m. in. love.

Hope everyone had a good start to the week!

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