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Inside out.

30 Mar



floral headband: DIY
sweater: F21 via Buffalo Exchange
jeans: FlipSide via Target
boots: Pink & Pepper
bag: ebay
collar necklace: ASOS

Just a quick outfit post while I scramble around packing and getting ready for a little Easter weekend road-trip to my Grandma’s house in Philadelphia. I took these a few days ago before the sun decided to shine upon us (the last couple days have been sunny and Spring-like here in the Northeast! Yay!), so this day was dismal and unfortunately it shows in the photos. Sorry for that! BUT, I’m posting them anyway because I’m wearing pants! I’m usually a black tights kinda gal during the work week and wear jeans on the weekends, but the cute heart pattern on these peach colored jeans is just too sweet not to wear. And actually, these are magically reversible! Yes, the inside (not showing) is the same color but instead of the heart pattern, it’s a metallic sheen!

Hope everyone has a fab Easter! Eat lots of jelly beans. xo


Giveaway via Versicle!

28 Mar

One of my fave blogs of all time, Versicle,  just announced a great giveaway from Choies that I, for one, am super excited about, and you should be too! I’ve been swooning over an amazing bag on their site for a hot minute now so I had to get in on the action! Head on over to Marla’s awesome blog and have a go at it!

Copy cat chic: Karen Walker sunglasses

27 Mar



Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses

zeroUV oversized rounded designer sunglasses

Twist of fate…

26 Mar

OMG! Remember this post just the other day? Well, I just happen to be poking around Wanelo when I spotted this:

I mean, guys, I think I’m just meant to have this, no? Besides being totally obsessed with The Notebook, I’m completely cookoo for all things bird. I am just oddly drawn to anything and everything resembling a bird of any sort. My friends and family lovingly call me a “crazy bird lady,” which I may or may not be sharing. Ha! Anyway, if you’re dorking out as much as I am about this…you can snag one for yourself right here. xo

Dots and stripes

24 Mar




blazer: UO (oldie but goodie)
top: F21
skirt: Uniqlo
booties: ebay
necklace: Sea & Cake via Etsy
lipstick: MAC russian red

Who says you can’t wear dots and stripes? I’ve been seeing a lot of mixing of patterns trending lately and I have to admit that sometimes it goes too far…but a tiny polka dot and a bigger stripe can be friends and play nice together. This necklace is one of my absolute favorites because it’s so versatile and pretty much adds a touch of metallic spunk to anything! I got it at the BUST craftacular this past December (which btw, I always go to with the best intentions of buying my loved ones Christmas gifts but always end up spending as much or more $ on myself! oops!). You can snag your own via Sea & Cake’s lovely Etsy shop though right here and perhaps pick up a few other lovely things while you’re there. Like this sailor knot necklace and this gold arrow necklace (swoon!).

Hope everyone’s enjoying the last little bit of the weekend! xo

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

22 Mar

hat: H&M (old)
bird sweater: Target
denim shirt: TJMaxx
collar necklace: ASOS
skirt: UO
boots: Baker’s (old)

This is one of those outfits that’s an oldie but goodie! Many of these pieces have been in my closet for a while, but I still like to pull them out and mix them up. Continuing on my obsession with floral skirts, here’s another example! Have I taken it too far? Nah! There can never be too many floral skirts! I’m realizing now that horrible cigarette debris that creeped into one of the photos. Ick! That was not mine! I swear..

Anyway, it’s weekend time! Enjoy! xo

p.s. bonus points to anyone who knows where the quote in the title came from! One of my all-time favorite movies : )

I heart Brooklyn.

21 Mar

hat: H&M (old)
jacket: f21 (old)
blouse: H&M
skirt: UO
boots: ebay
lipstick: MAC Russian Red

On Tuesday, I went to visit a friend and got to take these outfit photos with my favorite backdrop..Brooklyn! I lived in Brooklyn for almost 5 years when I moved to NYC after college. I’ve since changed locations but all my dear friends still live in Williamsburg/Greenpoint so every chance I get, I go back to hang out. It’s still one of my very favorite places. The culture, the food, and just the young spirit is so refreshing! And it is changing so much everyday, that if I’ve been away for awhile, there’s sure to be a new awesome place that’s sprung up and opened since I’ve been there. I’ve been so in love with florals this Spring (not quite, but getting there), even though it’s still too chilly to wear them with bare legs. They are sure to be a staple in my wardrobe clear into Summer! This jacket is pretty old at this point, but the detailing a structure is so classic. It always makes me think it was a lot more expensive than it was (Forever 21, duh!) But I just love it!  I wonder how much longer we’ll be wearing jackets and tights in the Northeast? Hmm…

Weekend’s almost here! Have a great Thursday! xo

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