Summer school

15 Jul

IMG_9466 IMG_9471 IMG_9487


head scarf, sandals & skirt: UO / blouse: Rainbow / bag: H&M

There’s just something about empty classrooms that I find just so interesting. Without the buzz of laughing school children and the swarm of activity that makes these rooms come alive during school hours, they just seem so desolate and abandoned in the Summer. I’m the daughter of two teachers, so I have a different relationship with the classroom than most, and what happens inside is no foreign thing to me, so maybe it’s the fact that everything I know is missing when I see one sit empty? Anyway, I was poking around peeking into the open windows of an elementary school nearby and decided to snap some photos there. It was overcast out (which normally makes for lovely lighting) but it was working against me the colors came out kind of blah. But this turned out to be one of my favorite easy breezy Summer outfits in a while. Just effortless and cool. That’s my go-to these days. And while you’ve seen me wear many a head wrap (I’m sort of a certified addict), I saw Toshiko rock one tied up around a high bun and since I’ve never tried it that way, and I’m a gal who loves to mix things up, I gave it a whirl. I’m a fan.

Hope everyone’s week is starting out great!



10 Jul

IMG_9433 IMG_9437 IMG_9440 IMG_9451 IMG_9455


Hubby and I are going to Dominican Republic for a little getaway (and a wedding!) next month so all my pennies are going straight into the piggy bank. But since I put myself in spending detention and haven’t added anything new to my closet, I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. Such is the life of a shopaholic eh? So I’ve been trying to draw inspiration from fellow style bloggers whom I love and create looks with pieces I already have in my closet. I think each of these have been featured already here on the blog, but I’ve styled this outfit with a nod to this look by the lovely and amazing Bonnie of Flashes of Style whom I never grow tired of.

Happy Wednesday friends! xo

Lake adventures

9 Jul

I spent a lovely long weekend soaking up the sun, eating way too many sweets, riding on the boat, and floating in a tube at DeRuyter Lake (in upstate NY) in celebration of my amazing parents and family friends’ 35th wedding anniversary. What better way to spend your days than relaxing with loved ones surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings?


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2 Jul




hat: H&M / blouse and tank dress (worn as top): F21 / skirt: Urban Outfitters / oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell / bag: ebay

There’s nothing new here or never been seen but since I’ve taken a little break from spending, I’m challenging myself to create new outfit combinations with existing items in my closet. This blouse is one of my favorite pieces I own and this is far from the first time I’ve worn it, but I can say, I’ve never worn it open, over another top like this. This polka dot tank dress is an easy-to-wear piece that I reach for time and time again throughout the Summer, but I’m repurposing it here as a top with another skirt layered over it. And in this yucky humidity, my hair is so rebellious…all I can do is tuck it under my trusty black fedora. Yay for making old pieces feel new again!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!


Q+A with Tieka of Selective Pontential

30 Jun


Remember this post, when I began a Fave Blogger Q+A series? Well, it’s been a while since I posted the first one so I thought it was about time to post another. Before I hit publish, let me introduce you to Tieka, the lovely lady behind one of my favorite blogs, Selective Potential (as if she needs an introduction!). Besides her adorable, enviable style sense (I’ve lifted many an outfit right from her blog!), there’s another reason I find her blog so gosh darn loveable. Her candid, expose detailing her path to weight-loss and her daily journey to be a healthy and happy weight, is just so inspiring and hits really close to home for me. I started blogging in 2008, when this whole style blogosphere was still in diapers, but eventually stopped because people were so cruel and mean about my weight (I was about 20lbs heavier). I never really lacked confidence about the way I looked but it was the haters that took the fun out of it for me and I took a long hiatus from blogging until just recently. In retrospect, I wish I had stuck with it, like she did! So her posts about weight loss and her struggles with it are some of my favorite ones because I find such inspiration in them! I got to ask Tieka some questions about life, style and all the rest. I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit better as much as I did. If you have suggestions for other bloggers you’d love to know more about, leave them in the comments!

Age/ Hometown: 26 // Grand Rapids, MI

How/Why did you start blogging? I lost 35 pounds almost four years ago, and I was instantly excited about the many new ways I could dress my body! I started getting more into fashion and personal style, came across an article on fashion bloggers and have been hooked ever since! I’m about to celebrate four years in September!

Do you have a day job (besides blogging)? What do you do? I’m a full-time graphic designer. Right now, it consumes my life! But I love my job so much. I went to college for graphic design/digital media, so it’s always been a dream to have a job doing something I love.

What’s your greatest inspiration when it comes to personal style? I’m definitely inspired by other personal-style bloggers. I’m constantly reading blog after blog and pinning photos on Pinterest! I also get a lot of inspiration for my outfit choices from locations I’m going to. I do a lot of research before we take any big trips!

What other blogs do you read? My favorites are Skunkboy Creatures, A Beautiful Mess, Delightfully Tacky, Jen Loves Kev, Orchid Grey, Rockstar Diaries, the list goes on and on. I mostly love bloggers who are themselves, down-to-earth and inspiring.

What would be your dream come true? I’d love LOVE to somehow come into enough money to buy a lighthouse and fix it up into a home. I’d start a blog about my family + life living there. 😉

How were you able to gain the following you have now? Years of hard work – no joke! I’m just a small-town Michigan gal with no serious connections, but I worked hard at my content and got lucky with making some amazing blog friends who have supported me along the way. I also joined fashion communities like Chictopia which helped me majorly build my audience, and have taken almost every opportunity I’ve been given! I feel super blessed to have the most amazing readers.

What trend are you loving right now? I’m a huge fan still of the aztec/tribal print trend going on right now. I just bought some really cute white/black shorts with a print on them for summer! Paired with chambray and moccasins? Perfect for summer!

What’s the one current trend you wish would go away? I’m not a fan of those platform sneakers (sorry to anyone who has those, haha!). They just aren’t for me. But I’m a pretty feminine, vintage-inspired blogger, and the most tomboy I’ll go is probably a pair of keds + jeans.

What camera do you use? A Canon t2i Rebel! I use a 55mm lens.

What are your favorite places to shop? I love ModCloth, Ruche, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Target and Francesca’s Collections. Ooh, and Old Navy!

For those just getting started with fashion blogging, what would your advice be? Work really hard on your content – make it good, while being yourself. Find your niche before really promoting yourself. Because once you start driving traffic to your site, and it’s not to where you want it to be yet, readers won’t stay. I built my content/voice for six months before I really got any comments on my blog. It takes time – so have patience! xo


27 Jun

IMG_9298 IMG_9300 IMG_9305 IMG_9308


hat: H&M (old) / blouse: Zara / shorts: Old Navy (similar) / oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell / bag: ebay

When it’s as hazy and humid as it’s been lately, I tend to overwear sleeveless tops. So instead of reaching for  my typical sans sleeves look today, I needed a change-up. I’ve noticed a few of my fave style bloggers pull together cute Summer outfits with sheer and breezy blouses over shorts or a skirt and I have to say, I’m super into it. So I decided to dig deep into the back of my closet (I’m on a little spending hiatus at the moment) to pull out an oldie but goodie to pair with one of my favorite pieces, these scalloped black shorts which practically go with everything. The lightweight fabric of this cute blouse kept me comfortable in the heat but the look was different and chic.

Are into this look for Summer? Hope everyone’s having a fab week! Friday tomorrow!

Foto inspiration: Guy Aroch

25 Jun

Just a little inspiration for this hazy day from one of my fave fashion photogs of all time…Guy Aroch. I’ve been on set for more than one shoots with him and he’s beyond amazing. Super into everything he does, love his aesthetic.

Hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

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